Keeping the Pipeline Moving: How Support Ticket Software Can Help

According to a recent report by PwC, 32 percent of people report that just one bad experience could cause them to switch away from a brand they love. As a result, ensuring your customers have a great experience every time is more important than ever before.

When your customers have a problem or a question, are they able to successfully contact you? Or does their message get lost in cyberspace before it even reaches someone who can help?

If your “help desk” still consists of nothing but an email inbox, you may be one missed email away from losing a valued customer.

Luckily, using the right support ticket software can help you stay on top of questions and complaints so you avoid these costly mistakes. Keep reading to find out how a help desk ticketing system can improve your customers’ experience.

Stay Organized with a Ticket Queue

One of the largest drawbacks of using an inbox-based help desk system is how easy it is for messages to slip through the cracks.

When you use help desk software, all customer messages are stored in a centralized database. As messages come in, they can be ranked by factors like date and importance that make prioritizing easier.

Unlike an email system, support tickets won’t get lost in a chain of CCs and BCCs. All information regarding the complaint is documented on the support ticket, and it can be accessed by every team member who is needed to solve the problem.

Track Metrics and Increase Efficiency

Keeping response times short and increasing efficiency should be goals of every support team. But it’s difficult to improve in these areas if you don’t have any concrete information to draw from.

A good customer service software will allow you to track key metrics like response time. You’ll also be able to see which team members are working on which tickets. When you know exactly how long it takes to respond to support tickets, it’s much easier to take steps to increase your overall efficiency.

If there are other metrics you need to track, you can add survey questions into your support tickets. This allows you to track more difficult data points like customer satisfaction.

Support Ticket Software Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Providing great customer service to your clients every time will increase their level of trust in your business. One great way to do this is to improve communication with your customers.

Support ticket software can send out automated messages to keep your customers informed on the status of their requests. They will be notified when their ticket is being worked on and when it has been completed. Your customers are more likely to have a good experience if they know how long they can expect to be kept waiting.

Help desk software also keeps records of your communication with each customer. This provides you with the reference information you need to avoid asking them the same questions twice.

It’s Time to Replace Your Inbox-Based Help Desk

Don’t let your customers’ questions and concerns get lost in your service pipeline any longer. Take the next step in providing excellent customer service by making the switch from email to a real support ticket software.

If you’re ready to make the switch, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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